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Candle wax is one of the main components used to make candle, apart from wicks. There are a multitude of varieties of waxes available for making candles as it is an item which is in huge demand. Today manufacturers are exploring innovative methods of making wax to manufacture candles.

Different Types of Wax Used To Make Candles

Different types of candle wax are used to make candles. Some of the most popularly used wax includes: 홈타이

Paraffin: This is one of the most commonly used wax types because it is quite inexpensive comparatively and is available in plenty. Paraffin is actually originated from the wax of fallen plants that has been buried in the earth. But it is derived from petroleum. Candle wax made from paraffin is more used in developing countries as it is cost effective and widely obtainable.

Palm oil: Another notable component of candle is the wax made from hydrogenated palm oils. In countries like Indonesia and Malaysia, candles are made with palm wax. This wax can be exclusively used for creating various types of designs.

Bee wax: Known for their sweet smell, bee wax is perhaps the first wax used to make candles. It burns for a longer period of time and are used in most of the churches. Found in yellow, brown and white shades, this wax is quite expensive and unique.

Soy wax: made from Soya beans, this wax produces lesser amount of soot and burns with a sweet scented smell. It takes time to melt and is considered a good variety of candle wax.

Bayberry wax: Another expensive variety is the bayberry wax which is produced from the fruit called bayberry. However, it requires a good amount of fruits to produce this wax and is therefore very expensive. This candle wax is procured by boiling the fruit.

Gel wax: the gel wax is a clear and synthetic wax which has the properties of rubber, nevertheless it burns like wax. It is one of the latest inclusions to the candle wax varieties. Found in three different densities like low, medium and high, this wax is distinctive in its features. The high density wax emits a heavy scent where as the low density emits a lower amount. The medium gel wax is more commonly used for making candles.

The use of candle wax and choosing the variety depends on the candle manufacturers. As there are wide varieties available, choosing an appropriate one will not be difficult. Most of the manufacturers choose eco-friendly products like bee wax and Soya wax. Soya wax is a natural ingredient which has no harmful effects on the environment.

Buying Candles Online

Buying wholesale candles are more affordable as there are a great number of online stores which offer an attractive assortment of candles of different shapes and colors. You can also find beautiful accessories to compliment the candles like holders, shades and so forth. You can also obtain an assortment of candles at reduced prices if it is bought in bulks.

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